Passing tow truck

For the vehicles or special machinery transportation from one location to another  the best and most effective option of delivery is  passing truck. If you need to carry your car and its transportation route coincides with the route following our tow truck  this is called a passing carriage. We provide incidental transportation in Ukraine, CIS and Europe. It is possible to transport several cars at a time. Delivery costs are reduced almost two times in this way. Thanks to our regular races of tow trucks and car carriers for Ukraine and Europe  we are very quickly planning  your  passing carriage and offer several options.

Our company provides  you with lowest rates for transportation services . When you ordering from us cheap carrying be confident and  trust to professionals. We can guarantee quick transportation to the place of destination  and the significant cost savings.
To order the cheapest evacuator in Kiev you have to call our dispatcher and place the order by  informing about loading and unloading , phone number, type and number of your car.

Everything else we do for you!

24-hour dispatch centre:

+38(097) 142-42-42 +38(044) 529-22-22

All work is performed in the presence of document on car.

To get advice or information on making contracts please call +38 (067) 220-49-20, or e-mail at