We are open to the partnership with European and CIS countries Assistance companies to support their customers on the road.
1. 24h/7days a week call center
Our own fleet of service cars and towing trucks
2. Emergency repair on the road side:
-    Broken tire replacement
-    Low battery charge
-    Fuel delivery on spot
-    Emergency locks opening
-    Unlock and repair of alarm systems
3. Evacuation from the accident place to the nearest place of repair: branded service station or our workshop. Safe and careful storage
4. Transportation all around Europe and CIS countries.

5. Human’s problems solving:                
•    Hotel and flight tickets ordering
•    Replacement car
•    Taxi
•    Transfer to the airport
•    Group of people transfer by comfortable car

All work is performed in the presence of document on car.

To get advice or information on making contracts please call +38 (067) 220-49-20, or e-mail at