Car dealers

We cooperate with car dealer’s long term programs. This helps to save costs on outsourcing by our service.
Our own fleet of service cars and towing truks
1. Emergency repair on the road side:
-    Broken tire replacement
-    Low battery charge
-    Fuel delivery on spot
-    Emergency locks opening
-    Unlock and repair of alarm systems
2. Evacuation from the accident place to the nearest place of repair: branded service station or our workshop. Safe and careful storage
3. Transportation all around Europe and CIS countries.

Human’s problems solving:                
•    Hotel and flight tickets ordering
•    Replacement car
•    Taxi
•    Transfer to the airport
•    Group of people transfer by comfortable car

All work is performed in the presence of document on car.

To get advice or information on making contracts please call +38 (067) 220-49-20, or e-mail at