Emergensy opening

Life renders such situations when You need to open the car and the key is lost, broken or jammed in the lock or battery is low or car security system blocked the key. In this case emergency car opening is handy.

Opening a car lock is a very important and necessary service for drivers. It is particularly important for those who often have different problems with keys. The most important in such cases is not to panic and not to open a car by yourself otherwise, You can only aggravate the situation. The best decision is to call us! We are always and at any time ready to come at Your service!

Always keep in mind that if You do not want to damage or even spoil your car, spend time in vain and finally pay twice the price, let professionals do their job!

Our company employs only experienced professionals who are able to open any lock without damaging it and the car.

We quickly and easily open vehicle doors of all makes by a special tool without damaging it.

Открытие замков
24-hour dispatch centre:

+38(097) 142-42-42 +38(044) 529-22-22

In addition, we offer a range of other services:

  • Open armored vehicles,
  • Make keys to vehicle locks,
  • Open car hood and trunk without damage,
  • Unlock and repair ignition,
  • Remove any mechanical interlock on the car,
  • Repair and unlock car alarm at the place of failure.

Our strict rule states that all drivers must submit documents for the car. We do not provide emergency services in case of registration documents absence.

We offer only the best services at a reasonable price and provide 24-hour emergency car lock opening! Be sure that Your car will be opened quickly and without damage!

All work is performed in the presence of document on car.

To get advice or information on making contracts please call +38 (067) 220-49-20, or e-mail at kosogon@auto-assist.com.ua