Car Service

Emergency car service center is a unique service offered only by our company. Customers who used this service have appreciated it because our service center works 24-hours a day and saves time and money as well as preserves drivers’ nerves. It is very convenient for customers since this service allows You to fix the problem at any time in our service center.

Our vehicle service center offers clients a full range of services including car repair and vehicle health check as well as routine inspection. We provide services in our car center for heavy duty vehicles and passenger cars of domestic and foreign production. Constant service control and maintenance services rendered by experienced specialists help reduce vehicle repair and maintenance expenses.

Not only we repair Your car but provide routine inspection of vehicles, since irresponsible attitude to a vehicle is a major cause of technical condition deterioration and operational lifetime reduction.

Emergency car maintenance service is not the only service provided by our company. Our specialists can help drivers find and order necessary spare parts for their vehicles.

Please note that our company provides all-inclusive repair works of vehicles and spare parts to meet modern trends and customers’ demands!

We guarantee quality of rendered services and provided works!

24-hour dispatch centre:

+38(097) 142-42-42 +38(044) 529-22-22

Our company offers:

  • maintenance services and repair works of vehicles;
  • installation and repair of alarm systems and other additional equipment;
  • health check of the engine and running gear of a vehicle;
  • repair of running gear, engine and electric equipment;
  • body repair;
  • repair works of manual transmission;
  • including many other services and activities.


All work is performed in the presence of document on car.

To get advice or information on making contracts please call +38 (067) 220-49-20, or e-mail at