Truck crane

If You need scaffold truck services we are always ready to help. "Auto Assistance" company provides only high-quality and best scaffold truck services at affordable prices.

Scaffold truck is a kind of towing truck equipped with a crane, designed to load and unload vehicles as well as other equipment (machinery, building materials, huts, electric generators, pavilions and other machines and equipment).

Our experienced staff will answer all Your questions and concerns as well as help You quickly find and order the scaffold truck suitable for Your cargo.

All of our scaffold trucks are operational, in excellent condition that is continuously checked by experts.

We are always happy to answer any questions and solve all Your problems!


24-hour dispatch centre:

+38(097) 142-42-42 +38(044) 529-22-22


  • Transporting building materials, reinforced concrete materials, timber, etc.;
  • Transporting of huts, military trucks, stands, pavilions, etc;
  • Working at the construction site, warehouse, or in a suburban area;
  • Including many other tasks with which usual vehicles cannot deal.

Rent of a scaffold truck is for:

  • Transporting cars which has problems with running gear;
  • A car that turned on one side or the one that flew off into a ditch;
  • A car that has no wheels or for the one where wheels are blocked;
  • A car that has a broken or blocked transmission;


All work is performed in the presence of document on car.

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